Touring is something different for everyone.

Touring is a chance for adventure: not knowing where the day will plop you down, or in what condition. It’s a way to spend an entire vacation building a terrific base of fitness and flying high from a huge exercise endorphin rush.

Touring affords the opportunity to see the world on a shoestring and to support small businesses in rural communities.

Touring is also a spiritual endeavor. The time alone on the road is a chance to connect with nature and recalibrate to what is most important in life. Grinding up Cascade passes or coasting along diamond-blue water, you forget about yourself and day-to-day concerns that seems so ominous at home. The sweat, the bike break downs, the vistas that punch you in the gut they are so darned breathtaking, and the look and laughter you exchange with your cycling partner at the end of a hard day are all part of a journey that transforms you into someone slightly different than the person you started as before the tour.