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    Cycling Sojourner: Oregon

    Cycling Sojourner Cover

    Not your usual dry cycling guide, Cycling Sojourner: A Guide to the Best Multi-day Tours in Oregon gives you the juicy low down on where to adventure on two-wheels, while sharing quirky cycling stories and local wisdom.

    Praise for Cycling Sojourner: Oregon


    “Cycling Sojourner is like bike touring with a witty fellow bike nerd who is full of enough lively anecdotes to keep you entertained but enough information to keep you from getting lost.” —Path Less Pedaled


    Thalheimer’s outright love for cyclo-touring is palpable throughout this superbly researched book. Aside from the usual practical information you’d expect, it’s packed with geographical and historical insights and sprinkled with bits of philosophical reflection that get at the why of touring, as well as the how. Cycling Sojourner captures the essence of Oregon’s most breathtaking two-wheeled adventures while providing rock-solid route information that takes the guesswork out of heading to the hills. Finally, Oregon has the cyclo-touring bible that it so deserves. —Heidi Swift, Editor at Large , Peloton Magazine

    Cycling Sojourner: Washington


    As the second book in a one-of-a-kind cycle touring guidebook series, Cycling Sojourner: A Guide to the Best Multi-day Tours in Washington reveals hard to find information about exploring Washington by bike. Learn about the state’s remotest ribbons of road in the Okanagan, best bikeable berry stands in the San Juans Islands, luscious Walla Walla wine country vineyards best reached by bicycle, and routes across the Cascade Mountain Range that will transform you into an ecstatic lover of the Pacific Northwest.


    Hop in the Saddle

    Hop in the Saddle Cover

    Unlock Portlandia with its bible Hop in the Saddle: A Guide to Portland’s Craft Beer Scene, by Bike. For the first time, a guidebook unites two of Portland’s greatest passions: BEER + BICYCLES.

    Nationally-published beer writer Lucy Burningham, prominent cycle guidebook author Ellee Thalheimer and brand designer Laura Cary join forces to link the best craft beer spots in Portland with the city’s famous cycling routes.

    Praise for Hop in the Saddle


    “In a town bursting with bikes and beer, no one knows more about both scenes than writer Lucy Burningham. With her vast knowledge and experience surrounding the artisan bike culture and booming beer scene, Lucy has sipped, supped and cycled her way around Portland for years, noting her favorite meals, beers and bike paths along the way. Ride with Lucy and Ellee as they navigate you through the city’s best of the best in this guide to Portland’s food, drink and cycle culture.” —Megan Flynn, Editor and Publisher, Beer West Magazine


    “Portland is a mecca for many popular pursuits; chief among them, beer and biking. Lucy and Ellee’ s book captures the spirit of both of these with humor and adventure.” —Jason French, Chef/Owner, Ned Ludd

    I’d Rather Be Bike Touring


    Let everyone know your love for the long road with this bike touring-themed bumper sticker. 2″ x 9″