Bicycle Gala in the Forefront, but Touring Still on my Mind

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The above photo encapsulates my multi-task oriented tour last weekend.  Mid-tour on Friday, I worked on wedding logistics from 5:30am-breakfast (later that day, I took a call about pedicure appointments in the middle of riding over a bridge under construction…interesting juxtaposition).  I then did a flurry of tasks for the Portland Society Bicycle Gala silent auction till noon….after which I began researching… Read more »

Vera Katz: the Madame of the Portland Routes

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All routes beginning in Portland start at Vera, former mayor of Portland and 3 term Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives. She well-wished me as I began my exploration of the Oregon’s first official scenic bikeway, the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway.  Unfortunately, my first day on the road started late because Winstoncito had a limp… Read more »

Hells Canyon, Hells Yes

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Way in the farthest eastern reaches of Oregon, there is a magical place called Hells Canyon where cyclists will find some of the sweetest roads in the state. One of these roads is the paved road up the Snake River to Oxbow Dam.  It’s a 44 mile out and back – if you don’t choose… Read more »

Sue Butler Schools me on Hood Cycling Routes

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Ramhood! That’s what national cycling champion Sue Butler calls her favorite ride around Mt. Hood. Using my couch/step stool, she showed me some killer backroads on my living-room-wall-paper-map of Oregon. Of course, the route in the book will be a 2 to 3 day ride whereas Butler probably does it in a couple of hours.  I’m putting together a number of routes that… Read more »

Out where car hoods are as tall as your friends!

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  Doesn’t Elly look adorable next to that gigantic truck!? We are dabbling in a bit of Eastern Oregon research.  Doyle – over at the Baker City Chamber of Commerce – was immensely helpful.  I’m getting antsy to cycle the nearby Elkhorn Scenic Byway with my friend Prisbe (perfect way to recover from her knee surgery!).  There are real live ghost towns on… Read more »

Bum Hub. Sugar to the Rescue!

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I was all ready to cycle the Willamette Scenic Bikeway, when my rear hub started making icky sounds. Sugar Wheel Works came to the rescue!  The factory hub build on my Cannondale touring bike was sketchy. Thanks for the rebuild, Jude! Jude Kirstein has just opened a fabulous new storefront in the Bicycle District of N. Williams Avenue with Natalie… Read more »

Cycle Oregon Gang

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Yesterday, I met with Keith Ketterling, board member of Cycle Oregon, at the downtown Stumptown to talk about the guide. Keith has been generous of heart and crafty of mind while helping me brainstorm about making the book happen.  Plus, I totally covet his suspenders.  They are super sharp.  Joe might find himself gifted a pair in… Read more »

Let’s get this show on the road (and on the wall)!

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While planning routes, I’ve been constantly referencing the atlas.  It was a pain to flip back and forth between pages and easy to lose sight of  the big picture.  Now the big picture is up on the largest wall of my house.  I cut up two atlases (atlasi?) and meticulously pasted them into a gigantic map of OR.  It’s… Read more »