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The roller coaster creaks and clicks as it climbs to an an impossible apex. You cling to the safety bar. The spongy plastic covering crumbles a bit in your grasp, sticky from a million other Adrenalin-fueled grips. Isometric terror lathers your body with sweat. But it’s a welcome terror, one that you want badly and pay good money for.

Entering motherhood.

This is the point where I left you (and the blog).

Then I descended, arms flailing, stomach in brain, brain somewhere else. But now I’m reemerging. Hi! I think I’ve found my brain. So the blog is back on.

After pregnancy, birthing, launching Cycling Sojourner Washington and raising an itty bitty while doing a bit of freelance writing, I’m now adventuring by bike again and have reclaimed my spot behind my trusty computer.

The fam and I recently did a bike tour in Idaho on their legendary trails, and I’m doing a couple of posts about that. And some other cool stuff. You can subscribe to posts on the bottom of my homepage. I wanted to give you the heads up, so we can get reacquainted. How are you??



PS Here a couple of the things I’ve been up to:

Kayaking in Bellingham

Cycling in the Wine Country

A six-part profile series on women and cycling in Adventure Cyclist Magazine. Members only subscription. But what a great place to be a member!

PSS The Cycling Sojourner guidebook series is awesome! Get the books here.

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