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As a distant second cousin to Cycling Sojourner, the newly released book Everyday Bicycling: How to ride a bike for transportation (whatever your lifestyle) by Elly Blue isn’t about journeying by bike into the wild blue yonder; rather it’s a pragmatic guide to incorporating bicycling into everyday life as a means of transportation…and embracing the daily adventures that arise from using a bike to get around.

People all over the US and the world are picking up their new copies Everyday Bicycling, and they are considering. That is pretty darn cool, and by cool, I mean powerful.

Why someone hasn’t written a book like this before is beyond me. Good thing that Blue does a deft job. Devoid of lofty rants (thanks be!), this book is full of useful tools to help a non-bike commuter become a bike commuter.

Blue briefly points to economic and health benefits, as well as to joy, as reasons to take up two-wheeled, human powered transportation. However, the meat of the book is all about the information: how to ride a bike, how to tote kids on bikes, how to carry stuff on bikes, how to dress for bike commuting.

I will say that my dog Winston and I do wish there was a “hauling your animal” chapter. That will be next edition, I’m sure.

Blue’s authorial voice doesn’t wield bravado or assume the reader is a specific kind of person with certain goals. Instead, and above all, she is clear and comprehensive. Blue breaks down the process of bike commuting into simple terms and advice, which applies to everyone from the mom of two working part-time at a coffee shop to the financial manager with a penchant for looking dapper.

With her well laid-out book (that has a catchy design), Blue slightly advances a larger-picture task of shifting the transportation paradigm in a healthier, more sustainable and smile-inducing direction.

Unlike any book before it, Everyday Bicycling crisply and succinctly outlines options and debunks the conjecture that bicycling for transportation is for someone else.

Buy it here! Dude, it’s only $9.95. Great gift.

Going to be in Portland this Thursday, November 29th at 6pm? Check out the Everyday Bicycling book release at Clever Cycles.

I’ll be there from 6-6:30pm then will ride from the book release to the event at Powell’s downtown for Hop in the Saddle: A Guide to Portland’s Craft Beer Scene, by Bike  that starts at 7:30pm. You are invited to ride with me!

**Disclosure: Elly and I both are independent bike book publishers who co-founded the Portland Society and share the perfect first name. And our partners are both named Joe. We live next to each other. Welcome to the twilight zone.


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