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I want to give props to the team of people who helped create Cycling Sojourner. They dealt with stressful email flurries, razor-toothed deadlines, version after version after version of drafts, requests for a 1/2 mm icon shift to the right, extensive conversations about em dashes and Chicago vs New York schools of punctuation…and the list goes on. (p.s. I am sorry to those members who had to interact with me for extended periods of time while I donned PJ’s and scrunched look on my face, as I nested in piles of paper.)

I love them for going through this incredibly complicated, all-encompassing process with me. And I actually I just love them. If you know one of them and love them too, feel free to leave a comment at the end of the post saying how awesome you think they are.

Editor – Lucy Burningham

Lucy is a writer who covers food, drink and travel for a variety of publications, including The New York Times, Saveur, Sunset, Bicycling, Imbibe and Lonely Planet guidebooks. She’s worked as a journalist for the past 12 years and holds a masters degree in nonfiction writing from Portland State University. Lucy is currently combining two of her greatest passions by writing “Hop in the Saddle: a Guide to Portland’s Craft Beer Scene, by Bike” with Ellee Thalheimer.

Designer – Joe Biel

Joe is a writer, designer, activist, journalist and founder of Microcosm Publishing and Cantankerous Titles. He teaches film at the NW Documentary Center and is completing the new feature documentary Aftermass: Bicycling in a Post-Critical Mass Portland.


Cover Designer – Laura Cary

After graphic designer Laura Cary graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, she followed her wanderlust west. She began in San Francisco, where her design clients ranged from bicycle companies to the opera. In Portland, Oregon, Laura founded Cary Design Group, a brand and identity firm. Portland has provided a welcome sense of community, bold entrepreneurial spirit and support of her love of the outdoors. Laura lives in North Portland with her husband, their son, two dogs and nine bikes.


Maps – Jeff Smith


Jeff’s two favorite things are cycling and maps…or is it the other way around? When not on his bike or pouring over a good map he’s gainfully employed by the City of Portland’s Bureau of Transportation, where he’s involved in promoting bicycling, including mapping for cyclists. Not sure, but there may be a pattern here.

Public Liaison – Elly Blue

I live in Portland, Oregon and write about bicycle transportation. My work has appeared in Grist, Bitch, BikePortland, Momentum, Reclaim, and elsewhere. I also co-run PDX by Bike, a business that helps people find their way around Portland by bicycle, and a nonprofit business alliance called the Portland Society. Currently, I’m working on writing and publishing two books.

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