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Great news for Cycling Sojourner!

After numerous meetings and discussions, Travel Oregon and I came to a firm meeting of the minds, and they decided to sponsor the creation of Cycling Sojourner.

A huge thank you to Kristin Dahl, Travel Oregon’s sustainability specialist, who met with me during her busy schedule to figure out how they could be involved.

Dahl doing her thing to help support cycling infrastructure for Oregon! Photo by Jonathan Mauss


The outpouring of involvement, contribuition, and generosity from all angles for Cycling Sojourner impresses me to say the least. Oregonians’ downright love for cycling -and willingness to invest resources-  is making our state cycle-fabulous.

I’ll leave you with this good news and some more photos from my most recent (and most decadent) Cascadian cycle touring adventure.

One of the few traffic-free coastal roads. Lovely.

Paddling a Cascade Lake



Coming down off Mackenzie Pass

Honeymooning at the lava field

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