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Cycle touring!

That’s what my newfangled husband and I are doing for our two-week honeymoon.  The wedding was a super dooper amazing bestest day.

Happiest of Happy

We are riding down the coast from Astoria then cutting over to the Cascades and my father, who owns Chainwheel in Little Rock, Arkansas, gave us special honeymoon jerseys.  My dad is a major sweetie.

Coast Overlook

This trip is, for the first time in a long time, recreationally focused and it’s been luxurious to tootle,  not make cues or be on the computer for hours each day, and chat for extended periods of time with strangers.

Getting to chat with people along the way is one of the most fabulous aspects of cycle touring for me.  We met a documentary film maker in Astoria and then a lovely bikey couple from Canada near Victoria named Kim and Gary in Seaside.  They were PRECIOUS as they toted their dog, Sidney, and cat, Popeye, all snuggled up together in a special bike trailer.  Way to make it happen! Look out Winston…we are gonna get you one of these.

Popeye and Sidney Snuggling! Cute Overload!

I’ll leave you with an image of my brand new, mind blowing wedding bike, a most incredible present from Joe.

The bike is by Tony Pereira, the wheels by Sugar Wheelworks, the fit by Stephanie Edman, the paint by coat, bottom bracket by Chris King, and parts procured by Nick Gibson and Bruce Thalheimer.  It’s a testament to Portland’s masters of craft and trade in the artisan bicycle industry…..and to our community that we love and who support us.

Wedding Bike Chilling in Shade in Manzanita, OR

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  1. Sheilagh Griffin

    Love it all! Beautiful wedding picture, fabulous jerseys, amazing bike! Enjoy your travels. Ahh, the Oregon Coast, how sweet. I love Manzanita! Two weeks sounds absolutely wonderful. You deserve to bike tour “unencumbered” so to speak.

  2. Kim Recalma & Gary Diederich

    Hi Guys – Just wanted to say what a great website you have. We are the proud parents of Popeye and Sidney from Sidney BC. We had a wonderful vacation and meant more people cycling with the 2 furballs then we did in any campground we stayed in! How was the rest of your trip? we thought we may have passed you a couple of times, Gary was always saying “there they are” and I’d say no, that’s not them!! LOL. I have some cute pictures of you guys, I will attempt to email them to you now. All the Best and look forward to your book next summer. Kim


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