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Okay Okay, so I read a book in the The Clan of the Cave Bear series instead of blogging on my honeymoon! So sue me!

Now I’m back in the thick of day to day life.  Our bikingmoon was absolutely amazing from the sea to the mountains.  That’s not to say it was glitch-free.  It, afterall, was an adventure.  For example:

Butch had to take out his chainsaw to fit our bikes in

As I was on my honeymoon, I wasn’t as meticulous as I usually am about triple/quadruple checking my route, and I followed advice of a rural hotelier that pointed us astray.  They directed us to a connector that turned out to be an eight-mile, rough walking trail.

We found this out at 5pm at about 6,000 ft elevation on a dead end road in the heart of the Cascades.  We ended up chatting with the managers of a far-flung campground nearby. Butch and Karen were awesome. 

As Joe was seriously comtemplating sleeping in a ditch surrounded by voracious mosquitos, I tried to buy a ride to our intended location, an hour and a half away by car.

Butch, of course, took us. And he refused our money.  He was truly an angel.

Butch, Joe, panniers, and wedding bike

While bike touring you sometimes get to experience the best of what humanity has to offer.  There are some wonderfully generous and kind individuals out there.

The walk away lesson from this particular debacle is always be vigilant about your route, even if you are in la la land, and if you screw up, be Gumby-flexible and open to any creative, safe(ish) solution that gets you out of a your pickle.

Thanks again, Butch!

Getting Lost is Beautiful

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  1. Susannah

    Go Butch! So glad you made it out safely and with such a fabulously warm and fuzzy experience to boot.

  2. Kim Recalma & Gary Diederich

    There need to be more “Butches” in the world, great guy to help you guys!


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