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Freshly Shaven Alpaca Patooties

A household discussion led to the conclusion that we will not be getting a baby Alpaca.  After passing numerous Alpaca farms on my tour with Laura in the Willamette Valley wine country, my affinity for this Dr. Seussesque animal with its fuzzy, dinosaur-like neck and giant chocolate eyes went throught the roof.

Did you know that there are dozens of Alpaca farms in the Willamette Valley?  I found this out as I was researching the cost of a baby Alpaca (which turned out to be rather cost restrictive).  It’s a high-demand, niche industry of the valley that adds infinitely more charm to a cycling tour.

Alpacas and all, the tour was cyclo-hedonism.  It was fitting that Laura and I ended the tour with a bang with our last stop and tasting at Willakenzie Winery (at the top of a .38 mile steep grade).  Talk about an impressive place to eat a picnic. The panorama captured hills of curling vines and the verdant valley.

Riding Back Down from Willakenzie Winery to Rejoin the Vulgar Ranks

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