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Kind of like thinking Sarah Palin is sexy, loving Rocky Point Road makes you feel dirty and wrong.   The forest to the east of the road recently received a harsh buzz cut from a logging company.  The stringy remains and hacked stumps makes one’s soul feel a bit pilfered (kind of like listening to Palin speak). But the views are spectacular. 

You can see Portland, the Willamette River, and snow-capped volcanos from Rocky Point


Swoopy downhills of Rocky Point


Saltzman, another road from Skyline to 30, is unpaved. Germantown, though recently repaved, is too trafficky. Newberry is gorgeous but steep with some sharp turns. 

Rocky Point Road is a darling road to descend from Skyline Blvd to Hwy 30.   Besides its views, Rocky Point has milder grades -therefore is longer- and light traffic. However, climb it on a hot day, and your brains might be scrambled from the pure exposure. 

It’s farther north than some of the other connector roads near the city, but the ride on Skyline to get to Rocky Point is worth it.

On the way to Rocky Point



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  1. rachel

    and or ride a cross bike and take a dip in the scappoose trails half way down rocky point.

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    I love your wordpress theme! Can you please tell me what it is so I can use it on my blog too please?


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