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Vera and Me

All routes beginning in Portland start at Vera, former mayor of Portland and 3 term Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives.

She well-wished me as I began my exploration of the Oregon’s first official scenic bikeway, the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway.  Unfortunately, my first day on the road started late because Winstoncito had a limp and a vet trip was warranted.

Winston 'sad-face' McFlufferton

It turned out he is alright.  He is the best!  Thanks, Pixie Project!

Just before crossing the Sellwood, I ran into(from the left) Besty Platt of AcuOm Acupuncture, Jim Ruble, cycling advocate, and Tori Bortman of Gracie's Wrench

Beautiful bike trail through Champoeg State Park

Farm along the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway


Along the bikeway from Chamoeg State Park to Salem, hops farms, vineyards, and orchards flourish from the rich soil of the Willamette Valley.  I think of two Q words for this ride:  quiet and quaint.  I wish that flat began with a Q too. It’s a perfect route for beginners.

Alex Phillips, Oregon’s Bicycle and Recreation Coordinator, was generous enough to meet me on her bicycle (later than anticipated) and escort me into Salem.  Being a bicycle adventurer herself, she has been a momentous force around making Oregon’s Bikeways happen and we are lucky to have her.  She loaded me up with info and gave me a place to hang my hat (helmet?).

Alex in our state capitol

Have you ever been to Salem? I haven’t.  I’ve only been past it on I5 and I’ve lived in Portland for 14 years! Alex showed me some of the good stuff, like the gold guy on top of the Capitol Building and  IKE Coffee Box that has coffee and music and yoga.

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