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The essentials: mate, wine, cooler of fruit, computer, phone, bike

The above photo encapsulates my multi-task oriented tour last weekend.  Mid-tour on Friday, I worked on wedding logistics from 5:30am-breakfast (later that day, I took a call about pedicure appointments in the middle of riding over a bridge under construction…interesting juxtaposition).  I then did a flurry of tasks for the Portland Society Bicycle Gala silent auction till noon….after which I began researching and cue-ing the route to Albany on the Willamette Scenic Bikeway.  

Thank goodness for Cheryll from Independence House Bed and Breakfast in Independence, OR  who was my one woman support crew.  She tempted me with Pinot Noir that was made around the bend and  juicy, straight-up East Coast-style conversations (not to mention decadent breakfast).  Love that lady.  

BTW, the Portland Society Bicycle Gala is tomorrow!  If you are in Portland, come on out!

Even though I’m slammed before the event, I wanted to share some interesting tidbits. 

This is Chris:

Chris safely moving people over the bridge to Independence

When you’re in a car, you don’t have the opportunity to chat with the construction worker ushering you through a zone. One of my most favorite parts of cycle touring is being able to connect with the environment and community around me.  It turns out that Chris was actually a big mileage cyclist until a motorcycle crash. Now he rides a recumbent and wishes he could ride more.

Flowers for honey bees and Cascadian foothills

On the WV Scenic Bikeway, as you make your way to Armitage Park outside of Eugene, you ride through dreamy sweet-smelling fields like this.  Lucky bees.   

And there are some amusing signs along the way.

Nice little reminder in the bathroom before you tinkle


'Spa Services' mean something entirely different in Independence, OR than in Portland, OR

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